Year 2014

WeiRui Medical was established and along with Shanghai R&D Center.

Year 2015

WeiRui Medical achieved ISO13485 and ISO 9001 certificate.

Year 2016

WeiRui Medical became one of the initiators and standard setters of the China Medical Equipment Association.

Year 2017

Start production and sales of all kinds of infusion set syringe and needles 

Year 2018

Produced by our cooperative factory have gathered the advantages and functions of various medical infusion set syringe and needles...At home and abroad, and have been favored and affirmed by the majority of users

Year 2019

First batch of crucial enterprises in smart health field in Tianjin.Products are entitled with “Chinese advanced technology”

Year 2020

Full line of stethoscope,sphygmomanometer have been launched, approved by and sold in dozens of European, American,Asian, Middle East,African countries.

Year 2021

Company vision: Let employees and enterprises grow together, complete the vision of employees' career and life, and jointly create the glory of the company.