Donation of epidemic prevention materials

On April 14, 2020, Tianjin Weirui Medical company donated epidemic prevention materials to Tianjin hospital, including infusion sets, hemodialysis blood lines, protective clothing, nucleic acid test strips, medical masks and disinfectant alcohol, with a value of about 100000 RMB, which solved the epidemic problem to a certain extent.
The epidemic is relatively sudden, so the demand for masks is relatively large. The company urgently expanded the production line, increased manpower and material resources, and produced medical masks, medical gloves, hemodialysis pipes, infusion sets and other products, providing sufficient materials for the hospital.
The employees of Weirui Medical company also actively cooperate with the work of the hospital, actively provide medical supplies, and have been on the front line of epidemic prevention. A large number of employees of Weirui Company go to the hospital as volunteers to help end the epidemic as soon as possible hope that with the joint efforts of all of you, the epidemic situation in the world can end as soon as possible.
At the same time, the company also advocates that in the emergency of the epidemic situation, everyone can contribute their own strength and love, so as to reduce the harm of the new coronavirus to human beings, so that human beings can overcome the new coronavirus and welcome a new better life.
Weirui company also wishes that people can overcome the epidemic situation as soon as possible, and people infected with the new coronavirus can actively cooperate with the treatment and strive for an early recovery.

Post time: Jan-27-2021