Visit the hospital

On July 20, 2018, Tianjin Weirui Medical instrument Co., Ltd. organized employees to visit Tianjin local hospital.
Under the leadership of the hospital experts, more than 20 staff members from Weirui Medical inspected the hospital, including the radiotherapy center, cardiovascular treatment center, ICU ward, cardiac imaging laboratory and laboratory department.
The focus of this visit is to investigate the use of products, communicate with patients, deeply understand the needs of customers, listen to experts’ suggestions, and bring new hemodialysis design pipeline to experts for analysis and explanation.
Through this investigation, we found that the demand for disposable medical consumables is more and more, and the requirements for product quality are more and more strict, and the precision infusion sets are more and more in line with the market requirements.
The trade union of Weirui regularly visits the hospital to discuss the use of infusion, blood transfusion, tumor and enteral feeding products with the doctor team, discuss the problems of infusion sets and other products with experts, and provide reference for the product development and upgrading of Weirui based on the doctor’s opinions and patient feedback.
After long-term regular visits and inspections, the quality and efficiency of the infusion sets and pipelines of Weirui medical have been improved, providing better and more reassuring products for the majority of customers.
In the future, Weirui medical will also focus on product development and improving product quality.

Post time: Jan-27-2021